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March 5th, 2024

Build Week #1:
Wrap up

Charly PolyCharly PolyCEO

A week building with Defer

This first Build week has been the opportunity to showcase all the challenges that can be overcome using Defer Platform and its integration with Vercel.

Stripe x Defer

Defer fits perfectly with the most popular dev tools (Vercel, Algolia, Doppler, Supabase) and APIs (Stripe, OpenAI), solving burning issues for Serverless and LLM applications as well as simplifying the building of complex no-code user experiences.

Defer for Serverless

Serverless solutions like Vercel revolutionized the developer experience by bringing infrastructure to all developers, without a knowledge or expertise gap that traditional solutions have.

Still, the Serverless architecture requires to cope with some drawbacks such as Serverless Functions parallelism (database connection pool exhaust), or limited execution duration (HTTP timeouts due to 3rd party APIs).

Fortunately, Defer makes it easy to refactor existing code to offload compute-intensive (ex: document generation) or long-running operations (ex: OpenAI calls, batch updates) to the background.

Defer for LLM applications

AI products that seek durable defensibility, like our customer Truewind, know that LLM features must rely on more than OpenAI prompts.

Defer has been a great execution platform for Truewind to run LLM related workflows. [...] It allows us to focus on shipping features rather than reinventing wheels
Founding Staff Engineer at Truewind

Instead, you need to process and transform large datasets of many types, from user data to videos or audio, to feed fine-tuned models and create meaningful embeds - to start with. Achieving such a setup in a resilient and quickly iterable way is another challenge within the challenge.

Defer enables developers to build scalable LLM workflows with a few lines of code.

Defer for no-code interfaces

No-code experiences such as Workflow Builder became a popular Product pattern to give more flexibility and control to end-users (ex, Hubspot Workflow).

Hubspot Workflow

Building such features is a significant effort both on the front-end and back-end/infrastructure side unless you leverage Defer's API and Platform.

See how to build a no-code workflow UI with our User Notification Builder UI demo:

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