Defer is reaching the end of its service life on May 1, 2024. Please reach out to for further information.
Epoque Scheduler

Powerful scheduling
at your fingertips

Defer's Epoque Scheduler powers product integrations features as well as advanced scheduling features such as user workflows, configurable reminders and notifications.

Schedule, Delay, Repeat

From simple direct execution to recurring ones. Schedule all types of work without compromise on precision or performance.

Precise pick-up and concurrency

Our Epoque Schedule provides precise pick-up and fixed concurrency, at any scale.

A powerful API

Get direct access to our Epoque Scheduler throught its public API. Retrieve executions by custom filters, reschedule or cancel some; all from your application.

Scheduler as a service

Focus on your application, not on scheduling logic.

import express from 'express'
import { delay } from '@defer/client'
import sendTodoReminder from './defer/sendTodoReminder'
const app = express()
interface Todo {
userId: string
title: string
assigneeId?: string
remind?: Date
}'/todos', async function (req, res) {
const todoRecord: Todo = /* ... */
// some validation...
const todo = await prisma.todo.create({
data: todoRecord,
const scheduledTodoReminder = delay(todo, todo.remind)
await scheduledTodoReminder(todo)
res.send({ todo })

Power advanced reminders

Leverage the Epoque Scheduler to build reminders without the associated scheduling hassle.

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Decarbonizing the fashion industry.
We could divide the processing time of our data import jobs by 5 by switching them to Defer, with almost no changes to the code and no new infrastructure to deploy
Empowering LinkedIn creators.
Defer enabled me to ship a new Analytics feature in 1 day that work like a charm since its launch 😍
Indie Founder

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