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Schedule. Compute. Scale.

background jobs

Offload your long tasks and gain performance.
Build, control, and scale jobs without limits.

Backed by tech leaders

Nicolas Dessaigne profile picture
Nicolas Dessaigne
Co-Founder of Algolia
Chiedo John profile picture
Chiedo John
Director of Eng. at GitHub
Ian Taylor profile picture
Ian Taylor
Co-Founder of Segment
Adam Surak profile picture
Adam Surak
ex-VP of Infra. at Algolia
Setup Fast.

Production ready in minutes

Install the client, wrap a function, deploy with GitHub. Done.

Stack and scale included with no configuration hassle.

import { defer } from "@defer/client";
const greet = async (name: string) => {
console.log(`Hello, ${name}!`);
export default defer(greet);
Build with your stack
Build & Schedule.

Be productive. Focus on business logic

const algoliaIndex = algoliaClient.initIndex('INDEX_NAME');
async function algoliaUpdateAllArticles() {
const now = new Date()
const articles = await prisma.articles.findMany({
where: {
updatedAt: { lt: now, gte: previousFriday(now) }
await algoliaIndex.replaceAllObjects( => articleToSearchObject(article)
await prisma.articles.update({
where { id: { in: => }},
data: { updatedAt: new Date() }
export default defer.cron(algoliaUpdateAllArticles, "0 0 * * *");

CRON made easy

Define a CRON job directly from your code, using `defer.cron()`.
Commit and push to Github, your CRON is now released and ready.

Monitor & Manage.

Control millions of executions


Monitor in real time

Say goodbye to flaky scripts or production command line access.

Pause a function when it should not be enqueued.

Scheduled for
9:48:01 AM
Scheduled for
9:48:03 AM

Cancel, abort, reschedule

Attach custom data to better identify and manage your executions, e.g. user-id.

Actions are triggerable from the console, the client or the API.

Compute & Scale.

Tailored for modern scheduling

Run jobs for hours

Set yourself free of timeouts.
Run very long tasks. Starting at 30 minutes, the time limit is fully customizable.

Run concurrent jobs

Gain performance by parallelizing jobs.
Leverage precise control over concurrency, at the function level.

Pickup order guaranteed

Trust your workflow logic.
All your jobs will be picked up in the exact order they were enqueued.

Persisted queue

Never lose an execution.
Full history, arguments, results, final state are persisted and queryable.

Control RAM and CPU

Compute with your needs, as you scale.
Resources are customizable at the function level.

Heavy payloads

Compute large documents and files.
Enqueue jobs with payload of size up to 16Mb.

Bottomless queue

Enqueue millions of jobs without worrying about storage.
Your queue is stored on the Defer platform.

Elastic scaling

Handle your business logic, not your infrastructure.
Defer serverless platform scales for you.

Fault tolerance

Rely on the Defer platform resilience.
Our distributed scheduling cluster ensures your jobs always run.


Fast setup, quick iterations

Defer is the best platform to develop and deploy part of your application that rely on scheduling such as sending email campaigns or running LLM workflows.

LLM workflows

LLM: from experiments to products

Productize your LLM workflows. Use Defer with Langchain, NodeJS and Langfuse to interact with StackAI, OpenAI and Supabase Vector.

Learn more

LLM workflows

The Epoque Scheduler

Build product integration, schedule notifications or run workflows. Safely interact with 3rd party APIs such as Algolia, Stripe or with Databases.

Learn more

Loved by developers

Romain Champourlier avatar

Romain Champourlier

CTO at Carbonfact

We could divide the processing time of our data import jobs by 5 by switching them to Defer, with almost no changes to the code and no new infrastructure to deploy

Jeppe Kaj Jaeger avatar


Would've used AWS CDK to setup SQS and Lambda. And had to figure out how to cleverly re-use code from our main codebase in that context, probably pack a bunch of Lambda Layers, and trial/error my way to a shared Prisma db and schema between node and aws repos. So much pain avoided ❤️

Benwd avatar


Defer basically gives you serveless endpoints without the headache.
Really loving Defer and planning to build much more complex functionality on top of it

Damn that was flawless. I'm baffled by how easy it was to setup, and how good the DX is.
Plus the dev environment promise-based runner, the simple env var to set-up to run in defer infra... And the dashboard which givesme exactly what I wat super easily. Big kudos really

Background jobs reinvented

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