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June 7th, 2023

Console update:
Doppler beta support

Charly PolyCharly PolyCEO
Bryan FriminBryan FriminCTO

Defer enables moving slow code in the background without refactoring or new concepts to learn.

However, until recently, we asked you to copy and paste your environment variables to set up a new application or, for each new environment:



While environment variables can be copy pasted directly from a .env file, it was not the promised seamless developer experience.

As a first step of a deeply integrated Defer Platform and smooth end-to-end developer experience, we are happy to roll out the beta support for Doppler.

Asked and used by many of us, Doppler enables you to manage environment variables and secrets by automatically synchronizing changes across the SaaS and PaaS of your stack.



Enabling Doppler

Enabling Doppler on a given environment is simple; add a DOPPLER_TOKEN environment variable with the proper API key:


Applying the setting changes will automatically start a new build that will get the proper environment variables assigned. The same goes for new executions.

For a complete guide, please refer to our documentation.



💡  Limitations
  • a change on Doppler's side will only affect new builds and executions
  • a one-way sync is performed Doppler → Defer is performed; we don't copy your environment's DEFER_TOKEN on Doppler — yet.



Looking forward

As stated earlier, this is the first step in integrating Defer perfectly with your existing tools, as we will soon start working on an official Doppler and Vercel integration.


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