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March 1st, 2024

Build Week #1, Day 5:
Build no-code workflow experiences

Charly PolyCharly PolyCEO

The Workflow Builder UI

Since Zapier landed in users' hands, the Workflow Builder UI became a pattern found in many products to give users more control over a SaaS behavior (ex: Hubspot, Pipedream, Loops).

Hubspot Workflow

Building a Workflow Builder UI is a whole product inside a product, with complexity from the front-end (drag-and-drop, complex local states) conception to the back-end and infrastructure required to run the workflows (scheduling capabilities, compute scaling, reliability).

Today's Build Week example showcases a User Notification Builder UI, built with Next.js and Defer:

Defer demo

Live demo available here

This demo leverages the @defer/client/next integration to integrate the Workflow steps, as Defer Background Functions, directly from the Next.js Client Components, leveraging Next.js Server Actions.

The whole back-end and infrastructure part of the User Notification Builder UI is gracefully handled, with a few lines of code, with Defer client and the Defer Platform.


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