Defer is reaching the end of its service life on May 1, 2024. Please reach out to for further information.


Free for small projects, scales with your needs.

  • 2 applications max
  • Full featured dashboard
  • 100k executions per month
  • 20 min max. of functions duration
  • Up to 2 concurrent executions
  • Community Support
  • Up to 7 days of retention (stats, logs)
Get started
Everything in the Growth plan, with:
  • Unlimited applications
  • Dedicated cluster
  • SOC2
  • Custom executions count per month
  • Unlimited executions and durations
  • From 200 concurrent executions
  • Support by email + Slack Connect
    (response under 2h)
  • From 3 months of retention (stats, logs)
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Decarbonizing the fashion industry.
We could divide the processing time of our data import jobs by 5 by switching them to Defer, with almost no changes to the code and no new infrastructure to deploy

Got questions?

We got the answers

What can I build with a Hobby plan?
100k executions per month is perfect for most small projects and conduct tests before moving to production.
Is Defer secure ?
Build artifacts are encrypted at rest and sensitive data (ex: tokens, environment variables) are encrypted before being stored. Our all infrastructure is SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliant. Each execution runs in an isolated container.
What languages does Defer support?
Defer only support TypeScript and plain JavaScript for now.
How can I get updates on Defer's roadmap?
Follow our product updates on our blog and on Twitter.
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