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October 20th, 2023

Defer x RedwoodJS: the definitive builders' stack

Charly PolyCharly PolyCEO
Bryan FriminBryan FriminCTO
Emile RéEmile Founding Engineer
RedwoodRedwood Guest

RedwoodJS is, by far, the definitive stack for builders.

Providing full-stack capabilities, coupled with extensive CLI-providing essential development best practices and flexible modular structure, puts the freedom of technology choices at heart.

When we heard that the RedwoodJS team added queueing capabilities to the framework, we immediately suggested adding support for Defer.

Get to know our motivation and how to get started with Defer in our RedwoodJS Partner Pitch:

Get started

The Defer DX integrates perfectly with your RedwoodJS experience by providing a CLI extension that sets up Defer in a few seconds:

yarn rw setup package @defer/redwood

This above command will:

  • Install the @defer/client on your RedwoodJS api
  • Initialize a Defer client and create a demo helloWorld() background function.

Use cases

Queueing and background jobs are a central part of any production application, here are some examples with our guides:

Looking forward

The Defer RedwoodJS CLI integration will continue to evolve with soon dedicated generators, inspired from our guides:

#  generate a new Background Function with the Stripe Clientyarn rw @defer stripe handleSubscription.ts

#  generate a new CRON with the Algolia clientyarn rw @defer algolia-cron weeklyReIndexAll.ts

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