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September 19th, 2023

Defer now supports Bun

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Bryan FriminBryan FriminCTO
Emile RéEmile Founding Engineer
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Starting today, all Bun 1.x projects can benefit from blazing-fast and scalable background jobs, without extra configuration.

It was only a matter of time before we joined forces:

  • Bun provides a zero-config and complete experience to build fast TypeScript & JavaScript applications.
  • Defer enables developers to write and scale TypeScript & JavaScript background jobs without configuration or infrastructure knowledge.

Bun supported features

Defer is flexible by bringing support to projects using Bun Bundler, Bun Package Manager and Bun Runtime.

You can choose to only leverage the Bun Bundler and Bun Package Manager or to also get the performance of Bun Runtime to perform your background executions.

To enable Defer on your Bun project, update your package.json file and deploy your app from GitHub:

{  "engines": {    "bun": "1.x"  }}

More details on supported versions and lock file strategies are available in our documentation.

Defer x Bun: high performant jobs

Defer's Bun support unlocks multiple exciting use cases for developers building fast applications on the edge.

Offload compute-intensive Vercel Edge Function on Bun

Vercel Edge Function now supports the Bun Package Manager.

With Defer, leverage the power of the Bun Runtime within your NextJS application by deferring compute-intensive tasks on Defer.

Leverage Bun with your favorite libraries

As many of your favorite libraries are bringing support for the Bun Runtime, ensure that all of your background jobs benefit from its performance.

Send emails with Resend, Bun and Defer in under 5 minutes.

Build faster LLM data-processing pipelines

LLM apps are quite popular on Defer. Developers leverage Defer's Scheduler to handle OpenAI rate-limiting and orchestrate workflows.

Some LLM apps require fetching and transforming loads of data before prompting to OpenAI, like our GitHub Readme OpenAI Generator demo.

Enabling Bun on your LLM applications, leverages faster runtime executions while benefiting from Defer's reliable and performant Scheduler.

Get started with Bun on Defer

Setup a Bun application on Defer is a matter of 5 minutes, get started with your favorite framework:

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