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February 6th, 2024

Scheduling features are now available locally

Charly PolyCharly PolyCEO
Bryan FriminBryan FriminCTO
Emile RéEmile Founding Engineer

Developing and shipping workflows, jobs and particularly long-running tasks is a painful experience.

This is the reason why the Developer eXperience is one of our core value, to empower all developers to build reliable and complex asynchronous applications without spending days working on setup, infrastructure and debugging.

The Defer Builder enables a seamless integrations of Background Functions in your application while the Defer Scheduler and Runner finally make simple the scheduling and execution of long-running tasks and workflows (*especially since our recent release of 7 new API endpoints*).

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the v2 of @defer/client, bringing the Defer experience locally, with support for concurrency, cancellations and more.

A smoother development experience

@defer/client v1 offered limited local scheduling features with the only support of:

  • immediate execution
  • awaitResult()
  • and a mock delay() support (resulting in immediate execution)

@defer/client v2 supports the following feature locally:

FeatureLocal supportDetails
Immediate execution
defer() - concurrency option
defer() - maxDuration option
defer() - retry option
defer() - maxConcurrencyAction option
assignOptions() optionsLong delays might likely result in cancellation upon your local server termination
delay() - Delayed executionLong delays might likely result in cancellation upon your local server termination
defer.cron()CRONs do not get scheduled locally. You can still test them like regular defer functions though.

The road ahead

This major release is the base of a new local development experience.

We will continue to add new capabilities to smooth the transition between local development to deployment.

For example with:

  • CRON support
  • retry support

Got an idea or feature request? Feel free to write us on GitHub!

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