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March 20th, 2023

Builder updates:
Patches & Prisma GA support

Bryan FriminBryan FriminCTO
Charly PolyCharly PolyCEO

Our Hacker News launch brought many of you on Defer with a great variety of stacks, dependencies requirements, and TypeScript configurations.

We are grateful for the time spent talking with you on the Defer community to report the bug that led to the following updates of the Defer Builder.

Prisma is now GA

Many of you reported issues when using Prisma.

We are now providing stable support for all kinds of Prisma setups in any type of project (monorepo or single repo).

TypeScript improvements and plain JavaScript support

JavaScript-only projects

Defer now supports JavaScript only projects.

If your project is JavaScript-only but has the typescript and tslib dependencies, please make sure to provide a jsconfig.json file.

Better TypeScript support

TypeScript monorepos

The Defer Builder was failing to properly compile some TypeScript monorepos projects when used with pnpm.

TypeScript configuration improvements

  • We now support more advanced TypeScript configuration (ex: conflicts in files and include).
  • Improved support for alias.

Support for CJS/ESM mix

The Defer Builder now supports projects that mix require() and import imports.

Dependencies support updates

Native dependencies

You can now use the bcrypt package as well as all Node.js native dependencies. Let us know if you face issues with native dependencies.

Dependencies dynamic imports

Defer is now able to build most dependencies relying on dynamic imports and properly handles optional dependencies.

Improved support for SvelteKit

The Defer Build now supports $env/static/public and $env/static/private imports.

We are looking for more SvelteKit users to transition SvelteKit to GA.

The Defer Platform is continuously improving thanks to our discussions on the Defer Community.

If your project's build is failing on Defer, please let us know; Most issues are fixed between 2 to 24 hours.

PS: coming soon, native support for puppeteer!

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