Free to start with, scales with your needs.

  • Full featured dashboard
  • 50 GB-hours per month included
    ($0.01 per extra minute)
    ~3K exec. of 1+ min / month
  • Unlimited functions and executions
  • Unlimited functions duration
  • Up to 10 concurrent function executions
    $20 per extra 10
  • Support by email
    (Response under 48h)
  • Up to 1 month of retention (stats, logs)
  • Full featured dashboard
  • Custom GB-hours per month
  • Unlimited functions and executions and durations
  • Custom concurrent function executions
  • Support by email + Slack Connect
    (response under 2h)
  • Up to 3 months of retention (stats, logs)
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Decarbonizing the fashion industry.
We could divide the processing time of our data import jobs by 5 by switching them to Defer, with almost no changes to the code and no new infrastructure to deploy

Got questions?

We got the answers

What is a GB-hour?
1 GB-hour is equivalent of 1h of run using 1GB of RAM. For now, all runs get 1GB of RAM per default, meaning that all run times are equivalent to a GB-hour.
What can I build with a Hobby plan?
5 GB-hours per month is sufficient to orchestrate 3rd party APIs call (ex: Stripe or Slack calls), setup multiple CRONs or simple workflows (ex: user onboarding flows).
What can I build with a Pro plan?
50 GB-hours per month is a good starting point, allowing you to handle thousands of API calls orchestration per month (build a product that offers rich product integrations or lightweight AI features) or start building a data-pipeline (ex: Shopify inventory jobs, reporting) that will scales with our usage-based pricing.
Is Defer secure ?
Build artifacts are encrypted at rest and sensitive data (ex: tokens, environment variables) are encrypted before being stored. Our all infrastructure is SOC-1 and ISO 27001 compliant. Each execution runs in an isolated container.
What languages does Defer support?
Defer only support TypeScript and plain JavaScript for now.
How can I get updates on Defer's roadmap?
Follow our product updates on our blog and on Twitter.
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