Supported Node Versions

The Builder currently only support LTS node versions (16, 18 or 20).

Supported package managers

We automatically detect your package manager. We currently support NPM, Yarn & PNPM.

The package manager is detected via a lockfile lookup. If your lockfile is not versioned, we encourage you to do so.

Background functions

Once the Builder has downloaded your project, it starts looking for a /defer folder containing your background functions files (one file per function since default export is used). Here are the requirements for those files:

  • .js, .jsx, .ts, .tsx, .cjs, .cjsx, .cts, .ctsx, .mjs, .mjsx, .mts, .mtsx extensions are supported
  • *.spec.*, *.test.*, *_spec.*, *_test.* files are ignored
  • spec, test, specs, tests nested folders are skipped