The Vercel integration allows you to seamlessly synchronize environment variables from your Vercel projects with the corresponding Defer environments. It also enables those Vercel projects to use Defer without any configuration.


To use our Vercel integration, you’ll need at least a Vercel project linked to a Github repository.

If you don’t yet have a Defer account, you can go and integrate Vercel with Defer, the integration flow will take you to Defer to do so.

Step by step integration

  1. Log in to your Vercel dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Defer integration page.
  3. Click “Add integration”. The installation popup will appear.
  4. Choose the account / team owning the projects you want to integrate. Click “Continue”.
Vercel integration scope

Choose the scope of the integration

  1. Choose the projects you want to give the integration access to. Those will be synchronized with Defer.
Vercel projects

Choose Vercel projects

  1. Click “Add integration”. The Defer popup opens.
  2. If you have not already, sign in or sign up via Github and follow the instructions. Once the github flow is done, you should be back on the integration screen.
Github sign in

Sign in via Github

  1. Back on the integration screen, chose the Github organization or account owning the projects you want to synchronize.
Choose a Github organization / account

Integration screen

  1. The existing Vercel projects and corresponding Defer environments will be displayed for you to Review.
Review integrated projects

Review existing Vercel projects and Defer environments to be synchronized

  1. Click “Connect”.

  2. Wait for your variables to be synced in Defer (you can check them on the settings page), and for the DEFER_TOKEN environment variable to be set in your Vercel project.

  3. Create a new deployment on Vercel to apply the changes to your project. You are done! 🎉

For any new Defer environment you create, provided it shares the same repository of the authorized Vercel project, environments variable will be synchronized.

For any new Vercel project you authorize, existing and new Defer environments sharing the same repository will be synchronized.

Next steps

Create your first background functions with Defer, or implement advanced background tasks.