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Pause functions and outdated functions auto-archiving

Prevent deployment issues and discover the auto-archiving of outdated functions.

April 17th, 2023
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Charly Poly - CEO
Charly Poly - CEO
Bryan Frimin - CTO
Bryan Frimin - CTO
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The lifecycle of an application is rich; the multiple code addition, removal, and related API deployments could leave your Defer application in an unwanted state (ex: mass execution failures due to a regression or outdated functions list).

To prevent such a situation, we are happy to release 2 key features for the management of your background functions: Paused functions and auto-archiving of outdated functions.

Pausing a function

Executions are always performed against the last available build.

While this works for most scenarios, some API deployments might introduce a breaking change, for example, a database migration that would break the executions on Defer side.

While we will introduce build-synchronization in the future, we recommend you to handle breaking-change deployment by pausing your functions from the Defer Console:


A paused function will continue to accept execution and hold them as “Queued” until it gets resumed.

Resuming a function will run all pending executions on the last available Build.


💡  Pausing functions best practices

We recommend pausing your functions in 2 scenarios:

  • Before deploying breaking change migration on your Database
  • When receiving a lot of failed executions on a specific Function (you might face huge rate limiting or introduced a regression)

Function auto-archiving

Many of our customers have been using Defer for months, renaming functions or removing some of them.

This led to their Function Insights view listing outdated Functions and spreading over many pages.

The Defer Platform now treats “outdated” functions - background functions no longer present in the codebase - properly by still accepting new executions but removing them from the Function Insights view.

Executions for outdated functions will be paused, as “Queued” - Outdated CRONs will not be scheduled.

When a function is restored in the codebase, all pending executions will be resumed - the same goes for CRONs.

This behavior is the first version of Function archiving; we also plan to introduce an “Archive” action directly from the Function Insights view.

We hope that those 2 new Defer Console features will help you better manage your background functions executions; we look forward to getting more feedback from you all to continue to improve Defer!

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