Zero infrastructure Node.js background jobs

No queues required, auto-scale included.

Backed by
Defer dashboard
Works with your stack
A fully featured API

Move your code to the background

Easily configure your retry strategy
From FIFO, up to 50 concurrent runs
import { defer } from "@defer/client"
const importContacts = () => {
// ...
export default defer(importContacts, {
retry: {
maxAttempts: 3,
backoff: {
initialDelay: 2
concurrency: 1
Fully managed for you

Focus on your code,
not on DevOps

Defer handles running and scaling of your jobs.
You get full visibility with the realtime dashboard with:

  • Unified view of your background functions
  • Overview of jobs status, per functions
  • Quick access to actions: cancel, rerun

Multi environment ready

Add and remove environments and enable automatic preview environments for GitHub Pull Requests.

Long jobs, real resources

Run your jobs for hours with customizable resources

Get notified on Slack

Stay on top of failures when jobs or builds fails with a direct access to logs.

Node.js background jobs reinvented

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